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The first block of these programmes will end on Thursday 26th February, due to the studio being hired for other purposes; but will re- commence after Easter. Watch this space for dates and times

Bodyflex is an isokinetic approach to improving and maintaining muscle function and joint flexibility.

A number of exercise programmes have been developed to address fitness needs of various types, but the emphasis in this isokinetic approach is on introducing gentle movement activities, that focus on improving muscle and joint function in designated parts of the body, (e.g. neck, shoulder, back, hip and lower limbs).

The purpose of Bodyflex is to produce the most gain with the least strain and once this introductory programme has been taught, clients will be able to work on maintaining their flexibility and physical wellbeing, in their own homes. Developing the habit of doing those simple, gentle exercises frequently to maintain general flexibility or address stresses and strains in the body, is more beneficial than weekly bursts of demanding exercise that will probably create more rather than less body strain.

The key dimensions of Bodyflex will be taught in a single introductory workshop session of 75 minutes and advice will be given to clients, at that time, regarding how to de-stress the body in ways that most appropriately meet their needs.

The cost of the introductory workshop is £5 and in terms of our commitment to well being, it will be £4 for senior citizens. Thereafter, you will be able to use Bodyflex in your own time, at your own pace, in your own place. Later in the year more advanced Bodyflex programmes will be offered for those who wish to extend their awareness and facility with regard to the 2,000 protocols that inform the total programme.

However, it should be stressed that the introductory 75 minute programme will provide everything you need to increase, and maintain, the necessary levels of flexibility to de-stress the body, exercise joints and increase muscle function.

Bodyflex Programmes

1. Bodyflex Active

This introductory workshop focuses on a range of isokinetic exercises that will relieve stress on all the muscles and joints of the body in a controlled way.

There are over 2,000 discrete movements pertaining to exercising and de-stressing the body; and this workshop will highlight the key movements that will increase muscular skeletal flexibility through gentle exercise.

Bodyflex Active has been seen to be an effective way of maintaining fitness and flexibility irrespective of the age and prior level of activity of the participants.

2. Bodyflex Core

This programme has been developed for participants who wish, as an element of dance and sport participation, to develop their core strength. The exercises focus on how to effectively build up core control in a way that contrasts with (or supplements) the more general, and gentler, exercises that inform the Bodyflex Active programme.

As in the Bodyflex Active programme the exercise regime will be covered in a single workshop of 75 minute duration.

3. Bodyflex Freestyle

This programme offers a bridge between the basic upper and lower body isokinetic exercises that comprise Bodyflex Active and Bodyflex Core, with the rhythmical dynamics of dance exercise.

The focus of the introductory 75 minute workshop will be on utilising the exercises in a range of dance pattern movements, which will give both the experience of dancercise and, most importantly, individual control over customising the dance experience.

Set dance genres (e.g. Latin or disco) will not be taught but will be seen to be incorporated in the Bodyflex Freestyle experience.

This will be seen to be the ideal, and fun, way to develop the confidence and competence ‘shake a leg’ on the dance floor.

4. Bodyflex Rehab

Once the above introductory programmes are established, it is intended to offer a one to one rehab clinic to address particular movement function remediation that needs to be addressed. This will be by appointment.

Further details on this provision will be communicated as appropriate.
Why not try an introductory workshop on one, or more, of the Bodyflex programmes in order to get fit in 2015.
It’s the best £5 you’ll ever spend!!

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